Climbing Gear: Bionic Legs in the Backcountry?


Man with bionic leg to climb Chicago skyscraper: NY Daily
Duct Tape Then Beer released Gimp Monkeys recently, a film about three amputees climbing El Cap. This could open up another door for disabled climbers.

11-Year-Old Cameron Horst sends a 5.14a in Ten Sleep Canyon:

Mikey Schaefer Makes First Free Ascent of Father Time (5.13b) on Yosemite’s Middle Cathedral: The Cleanest
Maybe you’ve read about it, but check out the photos.

“Push It” film highlights women on rock: Rock and
Trailer looks sweet.

Video of Jimmy Chin’s Yosemite feature in NatGeo

On Assignment from renan ozturk on Vimeo.

Back in May, National Geographic sent climber and photographer Jimmy Chin back to where it all started, Yosemite’s Camp 4, to capture a feature on the state of climbing in perhaps the sport’s premiere destination. If you’re at all like me, that issue didn’t find the coffee table before Chin’s cover piece was devoured. It’s the stuff that makes you hate life in a cul-de-sac and aspire for nothing less than a dirtbag’s lifestyle. Less being the operative word.

So if you had that reaction, this video won’t help you much.