Live wind map tracks data across the country

Live nationwide Wind Map

This is just way effing cool. The capture above is a still from an animated map of live wind data being tracked across the entire country. Presented in a such a simple way, it will surely have small market meteorologists every where scrambling for a purpose to use it.

Click the picture to see how it’s blowing in your neck of the woods.


Possibly “worst ever” storm system bearing down on Alaska’s coast

Apparently Alaska is preparing for a big one. 

This kind of storm hasn’t been seen in decades and will bring 10-foot surges and hurricane-force, snow-encrusted winds to a number of small towns along the coast, as well as the more populated city of Nome. The storm is rumbling out of the Bearing Sea at close to 60 mph.

The National Weather Service says it has the potential to be one of the “worst storms ever.” Effects of the storm are already being felt in the Aleutians and are expected to last until at least Wednesday afternoon.