The Weight of Mountains tells the tale of our favorite playground

This absolutely riveting 11:00 on the basic geology of mountains reminds us of everything going on around us as we tramp upon them and scale up them. Produced by Studiocanoe, there are no cliff hucks, no scenes of mountaineering turmoil or other demonstrations of human tenacity. This is about the life of mountains, a lesson on their livelihood. Watch it today. Because tomorrow, they’ll be just a little bit different.

For Those Who Suffer intimately wraps emotion around why we do what we do in the outdoors

FIREFLIES. FOR THOSE WHO SUFFER. from Andre Stringer on Vimeo.

We’ve all been there, staring at the ceiling in the blue light of dawn, questioning some arbitrary fitness or adventure goal we set for ourselves. So tired. So ready for it to end.

Then some spark occurs, stoked by the months of days that preceded this one. We wake, we prepare, and go after it one more time.

“Fireflies: For Those Who Suffer” is a promotional short film for a cancer research support group of cyclists who ride for City of Hope. It captures so well the point at which personal pain crosses into adventure endeavors, and how the fire at the confluence forces us forward. It’s a few minutes long, but really engaging. So many of us have been, and are, the subject of this film. Enjoy.