Short, stirring By The Lake captures summer’s last breaths

Autumn is here, full-tilt. I had to get into the sun yesterday to warm my hands after only a few minutes on the cold, shaded-by-morning sandstone. Aspens are yellow and A-Basin is already open.

Still, I can’t help but miss summer, just a bit, thanks to this little take on life at the lake by Zachary Starko.

Climbing Gear: Bionic Legs in the Backcountry?


Man with bionic leg to climb Chicago skyscraper: NY Daily
Duct Tape Then Beer released Gimp Monkeys recently, a film about three amputees climbing El Cap. This could open up another door for disabled climbers.

11-Year-Old Cameron Horst sends a 5.14a in Ten Sleep Canyon:

Mikey Schaefer Makes First Free Ascent of Father Time (5.13b) on Yosemite’s Middle Cathedral: The Cleanest
Maybe you’ve read about it, but check out the photos.

“Push It” film highlights women on rock: Rock and
Trailer looks sweet.