This winter, burn wood. High Country News’ Ed Quillen writes about why.

Stay warm with wood. No, not that kind.

I have a fireplace that for the last two years has remained decorated with a Pottery Barn catalog candle display and an old window, chipped and worn, hanging across its opening. This winter, I plan on removing both items in favor of a warming, wood-fueled fire. Even though my wife hates the ash clean up, the time it takes to heat our cathedral living room and the fact that Al the Dog is afraid of it, I plan on keeping a few stacks of pinion on hand to fire up when we have our standard few weeks of true winter. (Yes, it gets cold enough here.)

Wood as heat is timeless and dependable. It’s soothing, brings us together and if your wood is collected appropriately, sustainable. High County News contributor Ed Quillen explains it best.