Finless surfing, not the Meyerhoffer, is the future of surfing

I must admit, the shape of the board itself is enough to make me want to grab it and go. However, I’m sure that after my first few failed drops, I’ll be paddling in to grab my 9’2” traditional. The one with a defined tail and single cut-away on the bottom.

Finless surfing looks like something that just might be the future of surfing. But then again, at one point so did the Meyerhoffer. Wegner is no stranger to great board shapes so his name alone lends significant credibility. The video shows a super loose ride and on-wave maneuvers that I don’t recall reading about in articles and journals on traditional Hawaiian wave riding, which is the style of riding Wegner is looking to emulate with this sans-fin shape. But hey, who am I to question evolution?