Ascent Adventure Team summits Kilimanjaro

Mt. Killimanjaro

Congrats to the Ascent Adventure Team

Congratulations to the North Carolina-based Ascent Adventure team for their recent summit of Kilimanjaro. Brandon Hensinger, lead guide and owner of Ascent, has been planning the trip for almost two years.

Brandon said in the most recent company newsletter, “After 2 years in the making, Mt Kilimanjaro was summited by the Ascent Adventure Consultants team in the beginning of February! Joe Love (PA), Joseph Jacobs (CA), Moira Ringo (NC), and Brandon Hensinger (NC) made up the team. The experience was beyond description. Being up on a mountain, away from all the hustle and bustle of life has truly changed our lives for the good, and we are so thankful for the opportunity to have done it! Moira Ringo has written a wonderful trip log that we are posting by the day on our blog.”

You can check out Ms. Ringo’s trip reports here. And the team has loaded images from the trip as well. Have a look.