9/27/11: What I Read About Copy & Content on the Web Today


: Always listening to the customer is a race to mediocrity
Quite a different take on responding to social media feedback.

Ragan.com: 12 Ideas for recruiting company bloggers
More reasons to hire a writer.

Clickz.com: The Mobile Evolution of Email
” … smartphones have outpaced PC shipments.”

What I read about Copy and Content today …

From Clickz.com
: Content curation.
A great rundown on this growing concept in blog management.

Daily Beast: Steve Jobs’s resignation letter
A terrific example of concise, clear business writing. Emotion and direction.

Also from Clickz.com: Don’t ask people to like you.
Earn your social media friends.



The purpose for re-purposing content

My last post mentioned the value in mining existing content to use in blogging and social media efforts. The value of this content marketing tactic became more clear to me during a conversation with a client about their pending Internet outreach plan. The client’s concern stemmed from an uncertainty in what we could provide to increase exposure. Rightly so, he didn’t just want to flood his audience with material that would fall flat.

The purpose for re-purposing existing content is not just to provide a stream of information to throw out to your audience—it’s so you don’t let valuable content go to waste. In many cases companies have valuable information for their customers and prospects that may not have been previously made available. There is certainly nothing wrong in repeating topics that make up your core competency. By all means, push what makes you special.

Remember that your audience is tuning in for a reason, something you have written/posted/tweeted about is worth a minute or two of their workday. That means it’s worth even more of yours to provide it for them.