Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort gets Forest Service approval to expand

Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort proposed mountain map

It's so money.

Right now, it’s small. But just wait.

Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort today announced it gained approval from the Forest Service under its use permit for a proposal to expand into neighboring territory.

Few realize that Las Vegas has such a ski resort. And sure, that’s because it’s a bit small. (So was Vail once.) Plus, getting the word out about winter terrain in the desert heat of a global gambling mecca is pretty damn difficult. Things are changing though. LVSSR is owned by Powdr. Corp., which also runs Park City Mountain Resort, Killington, Copper and a few others. In other words, this move isn’t a chancy dice roll taken by some renegade investor who wants to have a ski resort. This is a tested, proven ski destination operator that sees a snowbowl full of potential for the forested, Spring Mountains-based resort, which sits at over 10,000 feet.

The Boys of Vail

This represents what is so great about our mass consumption of digital camera tech. Regular guys can assemble in little time packages that are just damn kick ass to watch. This is the Vail-based crew of a good friend of mine I met a while back in a NOLS course. Look for the nut in the red pants and black shell. And then just be jealous. I know I am.

Video: Gondolas? Yes. Domed chair lifts? Not so much


In a recent run to Park City, the wife and I just had to try The Canyons Resort’s “Orange Bubble Express,” a heated, aptly-named domed chair lift that is considered one of the highlights of a massive investment made in the facility during the off-season.

We had what could be considered a perfect day for such a mode of mountain ascent but I still couldn’t help but feel a tad uncomfortable about being enclosed within a space as small as a chair lift.

I have no fear of heights. And I love the exposure to the elements that a chair lift affords. You can scope runs, spot signs of wildlife and just take in the views. The Orange Bubble Express, for me, takes all of that away. Sure, I could have simply lifted the lid but then, its purpose of design is rendered meaningless.

I admit the heated seats were a nice touch, especially given the frozen swamp that hung in the sky that day. However, I think there’s a reason we don’t see more enclosed chair lifts.

The Canyons remains my favorite of the Park City resorts. It’s size allows you to escape even holiday weekend crowds and the terrain provides extensive variety.