Kindred keeps snowboard building local

Kindred Snowboards

Thankfully, the outdoor sports industry is taking domestic manufacturing seriously. While it’s not an easy slope to skin, the numbers of companies sourcing supplies and talent locally is growing. Kindred, a Canadian custom snowboard (and ski) builder, is making what I think are easily the best looking snowboards on the market this year. (And I ride a Jones Flagship, which I’m confident is a close second.)

Not only are Kindred boards absolute art on snow, the company is not shy about sharing how they’re made. It’s not easy or cheap, but this video shows every step in almost enough detail to be considered a how-to.


The Crash Reel doc profiles pro snowboarder Kevin Pearce

The Crash Reel

Professional snowboarder Kevin Pearce’s near death fall while training for the Olympics was another thunderous blow to the myth that sports like snowboarding, mountain biking, free soloing or base jumping are merely the adrenaline-driven, P.O.V. content around which YouTube sells ads. No one posts videos of their crashes. Not often enough, anyway.

“The Crash Reel” is a documentary that follows Pearce’s personal pilgrimage back to the slopes after the crash that stunned his brain and nearly crippled him. It looks extremely well done and the subject matter seems to be given much more respect than the Saturday afternoon ratings filler we’re left with when these kinds of outdoor pursuits are presented to the mainstream.

Just in time for the start of the season, too. Be careful out there.

La Nina drops by Sin City

If what went on in Vegas in the last 36 hours is any indication of what the pending ski season holds, we better buckle up. Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort, which was recently granted a permit for a substantial expansion by the Forest Service, was expecting around 6” of snow as part of a rather typical southwestern winter system. Well, turns out that wasn’t real accurate. By the middle of the day Thursday, the mountain was closing in on 16” and the white out was showing no signs of relinquishing its grip on the Spring Mountains. Expectations are that the resort may see up to 32” by Friday morning.

Not bad for a desert.