La Nina drops by Sin City

If what went on in Vegas in the last 36 hours is any indication of what the pending ski season holds, we better buckle up. Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort, which was recently granted a permit for a substantial expansion by the Forest Service, was expecting around 6” of snow as part of a rather typical southwestern winter system. Well, turns out that wasn’t real accurate. By the middle of the day Thursday, the mountain was closing in on 16” and the white out was showing no signs of relinquishing its grip on the Spring Mountains. Expectations are that the resort may see up to 32” by Friday morning.

Not bad for a desert.

Above the clouds on Mt. Hood: Photographer Tyler Roemer captures airborne skiers

Photo by Tyler Roemer via Daily Mail

I continue to be amazed at the lines being run by today’s hard core skiers and snowboarders. I was out of snow sports for a very long time and when I finally re-entered a few years ago, strapped to a snowboard, I discovered that this outdoor adventure milieu had catapulted into extreme maturity while I was away.

Check out more very cool photos like the one above, via the Daily Mail Online.

Tyler Roemer’s website.  

The Stuff Sack: 10-20-11

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Jackson Hole Daily: Ski resorts have increasingly been opening their chutes and lifts in the summer to mountain bikers, hikers and in some cases, bobseld riders. Now, those resorts operating under National Forest permits, and there are a lot of them, have a legal pathway to do even more, thanks to the Ski Area Recreational Opportunity Enhancement Act, which is now on its way Pennsylvania Ave for the ‘ole John Hancock of President Obama.