9/30/11: What I Read About Copy & Content on the Web Today

Seth Godin: Welcome to Infinity
I think there is a limit. Large audience numbers don’t always equate to a good audience.

Saatchi & Saatchi: The Idea Gallery
Just cool stuff here to inspire ideas. (I like the Volunteer Wildfire Services ads.)

Adventure-Journal.com: Fall Peaks: Best Autumn Escapes: Yosemite National Park
A fantastic web publication format and presentation. Check it out.



9/9/11: What I read about Copy & Content on the Web today

Adverve.com: The Internet, then + now
Awesome infographic on the history of the Interwebs.

Adweek.com: Fearless Group’s First Ad for .xxx Domain
A print campaign is out there to advertise for the new porn-centered .xxx domain.

Copyblogger.com: Seth Godin Podcast.
What? It’s Seth Godin.