So Danny MacAskill visited a lakeside town in Argentina

The freeride cyclist who apparently found his center of gravity while still in the womb is once again leaping, teetering and finding new ways to punish bike rims in another Red Bull sponsored video. This time, he’s doing it against the apocalyptic backdrop of Epecuen, a small town in Argentina that two decades ago was flooded into oblivion and left to rot under the shore of the lake it borders.

A lot of the usual MacAskill is on display here, but watch for some particularly impressive moves like a front flip off of a broken seesaw and his use of a fallen tree trunk. And more impressive is his mere attempt at some of these moves given the prospect of taking a header on piles of jagged concrete slabs and spears of rusting steel beams. This bike show far exceeds his last, which was more silly than captivating.

Do the Muddy: Slow motion and mud are the stars of Red Bull mountain biking video

This is a pretty sweet, well, dirty, mountain bike video, courtesy of the folks from everyone’s favorite outdoor sport and plane race sponsor. While the mud dance in the beginning is cool at first, I found myself just wanting to get into the action.