10/5/11: What I Read About Copy & Content on the Web today

Ragan.com: An apostrophe ban? What’s next?
All because people are confused about how to use them. Sigh.

Marc & Angle Hack Life: 10 Things to Stop Caring About Today
A great site for when work becomes to serious.

Dictionary.com’s Word of the Day: Bandersnatch
It’s just an awesome word.



9/16/11: What I read about Copy & Content on the Web today.

Ragan.com: Does your blog have guests with benefits?
Good arguments for hiring blog writers.

Adweek.com: Worst Ad Campaign of the Year.
I shouldn’t have to explain much here.

Adventure Journal.com: Biggest Dam Removal in History starts this weekend.
You may not know our country’s history with dams and water control. It’s not pretty. Start here.