9/12/11: What I read about Copy & Content on the Web today

Ragan.com: Is Facebook for business overrated?
Could be. Any thoughts?

Adventure-Journal.com: The Unseen River Flowing Through Flagstaff
Just good writing about the outdoors.

ReadWriteWeb.com: The Value of Email [InfoGraphic]
Hmm. Just when I was doubting e-mail.


9/8/11: What I read about Copy & Content on the Web today.

Ragan.com: Words alone unlikely to help Obama, veteran speechwriters say.
Great write-up on the value of words from the perspective of those who shape presidential dialogue.

Outsideonline.com: Don’t Buy Patagonia Stuff Unless You Really Need It.
Few companies market as authentically as Patagonia. Its mission led it to this.

Bestmadeco.com: BestMadeProjects.com
An enticing, well written blog from Best Made, a woodsy, outdoor tool maker. A lot here to emulate.

9/7/11: What I read about Copy & Content on the Web today

1. Video on Ragan.com: Measuring Social Media. The No. 1 Question You Should Ask.
Honestly, not completely revealing but certainly worth the four or so minutes.

2. The Oatmeal.com: The Three Most Common Uses of Irony.
Comedy gold. Grammar platinum.

3. Adage.com: How CW Marketing Exec Helped Reshape Network-Marketing Landscape.
I love aggressive marketing. If it turns heads, it wins. Most of the time, anyway.