Climbing Gear: Bionic Legs in the Backcountry?


Man with bionic leg to climb Chicago skyscraper: NY Daily
Duct Tape Then Beer released Gimp Monkeys recently, a film about three amputees climbing El Cap. This could open up another door for disabled climbers.

11-Year-Old Cameron Horst sends a 5.14a in Ten Sleep Canyon:

Mikey Schaefer Makes First Free Ascent of Father Time (5.13b) on Yosemite’s Middle Cathedral: The Cleanest
Maybe you’ve read about it, but check out the photos.

“Push It” film highlights women on rock: Rock and
Trailer looks sweet.

Did Adolf Hitler like to fly fish?

Picture via

Maybe so. Apparently, the little mongrel didn’t kill himself but instead took off to Argentine Patagonia and settled into this scenic abode, which has quite an ownership history within the SS. In fact, many refugee Nazis settled into deepest South America, according to this piece on Gizmodo.

And if this at all interests you, it’s for sale. Well, at least that’s what some think.

This is a compelling story. And if true, tragic, as it would suck to know that some of these guys managed to live in one of the planet’s most scenic destinations.

Patagonia now selling salmon jerkey

Patagonia Salmon Jerky

If you read Yvon Chouinard’s “Let My People Go Surfing,” you have a pretty solid understanding of what drives the company: the environment.

With the health of the planet at its core, the company is free to create and market products that advocate accordingly, whether its a wetsuit, downloadable music and now, salmon jerky.

There’s a good lesson in what Patagonia is doing with its “Patagonia Provisions Salmon Project.” The company’s affiliation marketing effort is as good as anything in American business. By attaching itself to esoteric environmental concerns and dedicating its own money and people to their betterment, Patagonia has become an environmental advocacy organization that just happens to sell some clothes. And if the clothes, wetsuits and salmon jerky aren’t the best, then the mission fails.

And I bet the jerky is damn good.