More on the influence of tech and digital entertainment on the outdoors

Not long after I published this post did I pick up the latest National Geographic Traveler to find an editorial by Christopher Elliot entitled “Savor the Trip, Don’t Tweet It.” It’s about, well, just what the title says. It does go a little deeper to explain how the rise of video documentation and digital recording tech of all kinds alters our true impression of the outdoors and travel in general. It’s a solid counter-argument to the concept of real-time adventure sharing propagated by today’s increasingly influential digital movement.

Then, sends me the video posted above, which offers us Ms. Patty Zaradic’s academic study of the reasons behind a decline in not only national park visits but outdoor experiences all together. Her thesis makes an empirical case for the rise of consumer video and gaming technologies contributing directly to our nation’s collective indifference toward outdoor pursuits.