The Outer Banks are proof of Mother Nature’s frustrated artistry

Jennette’s Pier under construction in Nags Head

Wind and solar power will alleviate the pier's drag on the local grid

The new Nags Head pier, officially called the The North Carolina Aquariums Jennette’s Pier, is getting closer to completion every day. The hurricane-resistant project’s most intriguing characteristics, which also include a conference center, sealife displays and classrooms, are the three towering windmills that span its 800-foot reach into the Atlantic.

In an area pocked by the scars of harsh, hurricane-enriched coastal weather tantrums, this is a bold move for the Town of Nags Head. The pier succumbed to the environment completely in 2003, when Hurricane Isabel erupted off of the coast of North Carolina and Virginia. Apparently, the new version is resting securely upon concrete pilings buried 40 feet into the tideline.

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