Behold: Shoulder Season Singletrack in Central Colorado

It’s hard to not want to share takes like this, where the backdrop is as ever forefront as the subject action. Not only do we get a barrage of Rocky Mountain seasonal beauty, we get some damn cool single track riding, too. This is a great way to spend a couple of minutes remembering what the fall provided before the snow season officially kicks in.

This was the latest in a series of sponsored videos by Yeti Cycles. Good work.

Downhill mountain biking has a new prodigy in four-year-old

Just when I’m about tired of GoPro videos, along comes a four-year-old down-hiller named Malcolm to make everything about capturing the outdoor experience cool again. If you don’t smile when listening to his self-confidence building dialogue along the way, then there is just no stoke in you. Awesome.

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Landing a double backflip on a mountain bike doesn’t come without the pain

I’m not surprised at all that someone has landed a double backflip on a mountain bike. Actually, I thought it already happened. Nevertheless, it’s impressive as hell. More impressive though is Paul Basagoitia’s walking away from the couple of face-first diggers he took while trying to land his feat. Jesus they look brutal.