Shark Punch

California Surfer: I punched shark until it let me go:
Scott Stephens was pissed. Nice work, amigo. Whatever it takes.

Surfing world turns to Santa Cruz for Coldwater Classic:
Slater can make his move here.

South Africa’s Surf City is holding a deep stable of boardbuilders:
Durban shapers are keeping the waves in mind when shaping for locals.

Surfer’s Elbow, Part 1:
Yes, surfer’s elbow.

Surfing the Internet

photo from Adventure Journal

Surfer bitten by shark in latest attack off California: Mercury
Ugh. Really not much to say; just glad he’s okay for now. The bite had a radius of 14 inches.

Kelly Slater Tows-In Sandy; Surfers Go Nuts In Huge Surf: Adventure
Damn. Just damn.

Winds From Sandy Make For Good Chicago Surfing: Associated Press
I’d like to surf all of the Great Lakes.

Chasing Mavericks Tells The True Story of a Surfing Legend: Huffington Post
Haven’t seen it yet. Reviews aren’t overly effusive.

Slater, ten titles in pictures

Kelly Slater in Huntington Beach, CA

Dude, your hair

ESPN (yes, ESPN) has a pretty slick celebration in photography of Kelly Slater’s career, even going back to the 80s in Huntington with his older brother Sean, both sporting an outstanding representation of the “in” haircut and of course, board style.

It’s been said that Pele was better at soccer than Jordan was at basketball or Jim Brown was at football. So where in the hierarchy of sports does that leave the winner of ten ASP world titles?