The Stuff Sack: 10-20-11

Here’s what else is out there in the wilds of the Internet:

The Goat Blog over on profiles the decline of housing growth in the Southwest. Yet, the fight for more water for the purpose of encouraging growth continues to wage.

Outside’s blog has a bit about the barefoot, or minimalist shoe, running trend. I’m no fan. At least this piece expresses “some”┬áskepticism.

Jackson Hole Daily: Ski resorts have increasingly been opening their chutes and lifts in the summer to mountain bikers, hikers and in some cases, bobseld riders. Now, those resorts operating under National Forest permits, and there are a lot of them, have a legal pathway to do even more, thanks to the Ski Area Recreational Opportunity Enhancement Act, which is now on its way Pennsylvania Ave for the ‘ole John Hancock of President Obama.

Like Water for Schemers

A story of mine was selected for syndication by High Country News’ Writers on the Range department.
If you’re not familiar with the nation’s history on water policy, then just know that the plan I discuss in this piece is not at all uncommon. In fact, many just like it have been implemented many times over since the turn of the century with little regard for cost, purpose or the millions of people and wild acres they ultimately negatively impact.

Read on, if interested.