Don’t get too close to the talent in Katmai National Park

A bluff charge, which is common in unplanned bear encounters, is a sign that he/she is not really all that psyched about you hanging around. The accompanying article isn’t clear on how quickly they left after the bear made it known it has no plans on sharing lunch. Granted, they couldn’t do much once it started for them. Let’s hope there was some pepper spray at the ready off-camera.

I think their guide may want to re-think just how close he lets his guests get to the talent.

Grizzly Bear don’t care

This is why you keep a clean campsite in bear country.

Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle created this mock campsite in an effort to educate visitors (and the Internets) about the risks of camping in bear country and apparently, keeping chicken coops and charcoal grills on your patio. Most people who spend time in the backcountry understand the importance of avoiding risks like those portrayed here but there is something very primal about seeing how easily the bears get into the hard-sided cooler and then proceed to fold it like a grocery bag. Cool, right?

Oh, and it was intriguing to note the narrator’s acknowledgement of “five to 20 grizzlies” in the North Cascades.

Grizzly attack outside Yellowstone

Grizzly Man Timothy Treadwell

Hard to explain.

Bear attacks are rare. But, they don’t always seem so because when an incident like what happened yesterday a few miles outside of Yellowstone’s east gate finds the airwaves, it tends to become pretty big news for a couple of days. And, more often than not, there are extenuating circumstances. In this particular case, there is a very good chance the bear’s recent interaction with researchers had something to do with an erratic mindset. And maybe that’s a stretch, but truthfully, most experts don’t know exactly why some bears run when they see people, others false charge or others make contact. Remember, Tim Treadwell lived with them for years before he was surprised in his tent by a bear he had interacted with countless times.

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