Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort gets Forest Service approval to expand

Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort proposed mountain map

It's so money.

Right now, it’s small. But just wait.

Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort today announced it gained approval from the Forest Service under its use permit for a proposal to expand into neighboring territory.

Few realize that Las Vegas has such a ski resort. And sure, that’s because it’s a bit small. (So was Vail once.) Plus, getting the word out about winter terrain in the desert heat of a global gambling mecca is pretty damn difficult. Things are changing though. LVSSR is owned by Powdr. Corp., which also runs Park City Mountain Resort, Killington, Copper and a few others. In other words, this move isn’t a chancy dice roll taken by some renegade investor who wants to have a ski resort. This is a tested, proven ski destination operator that sees a snowbowl full of potential for the forested, Spring Mountains-based resort, which sits at over 10,000 feet.