Fixies go Hollywood in Quicksilver homage called “Premium Rush”

“I like to ride. Fixed gear. No brakes. Can’t stop. Don’t want to either.”

Sound cheesy? Well yeah, a little. But it’s the opening line of this trailer for what looks to be a fun summer 2012 film about a Big Apple bike courier outwitting a crew of miscreants whose evil plot he has somehow found himself inadvertently embroiled.

The trailer makes it pretty evident that urban biking is a big part of the film and that we can expect to see a lot of close calls and even a bit of trials riding as our hero, played by the hard-to-not-like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, pumps his fixed gear in and out of traffic and trouble.

Oh, and Michael Shannon is in it. So there’s that.

The Stuff Sack: News from the wilds of the Internet

Start biking, fatty
In case you’re not aware, riding bikes is good for us. But here are some numbers and a super sweet info-graphic for you anyway, doubter.

Wakana Ueda, an eleven-year-old girl from Japan, finished the Honolulu Marathon. Oh, and she’s blind. Last or not, she wins.

Talks are continuing about the possibility of turning Mount St. Helens into a National Park to stimulate visitation to the legendary volcano. Tourists arrived in droves in the years after she blew her top but today, the numbers are down to around 250,000 per year and facilities are in decline. So what does this say about what interests us Americans? 

Neuron shifting? I just got a single speed …

Prius Concept Bike from deeplocal on Vimeo.

As part of its ongoing marketing blitz for the Prius, Toyota commissioned custom bike builder Parlee Cycles and tech marketing/cool idea outfit Deeplocal to create a bike inspired by their flagship hybird car.

But it goes a step or two beyond that. In fact, we’re talking Star Trek type steps beyond that.

The bike was designed to be shifted using a neuron transmitting headset. Yes, telekinetic shifting.

My only question is, what happens when you’re about to go ass over elbows on a downhill and think … “Holy sh#@!”