9/16/11: What I read about Copy & Content on the Web today.

Ragan.com: Does your blog have guests with benefits?
Good arguments for hiring blog writers.

Adweek.com: Worst Ad Campaign of the Year.
I shouldn’t have to explain much here.

Adventure Journal.com: Biggest Dam Removal in History starts this weekend.
You may not know our country’s history with dams and water control. It’s not pretty. Start here.

9/9/11: What I read about Copy & Content on the Web today

Adverve.com: The Internet, then + now
Awesome infographic on the history of the Interwebs.

Adweek.com: Fearless Group’s First Ad for .xxx Domain
A print campaign is out there to advertise for the new porn-centered .xxx domain.

Copyblogger.com: Seth Godin Podcast.
What? It’s Seth Godin.





8/31/11: What I read about Copy & Content today

Businessweek.com: Social Media, the End or Beginning of a Golden Age.
Is the Internet really melting our brains? Read about the debate here.

Yahoo News: Maya Angelou says memorial makes MLK look arrogant
What does this have to do with copywriting? Quite a bit, actually. It reminds us about the importance of context and the dangers of community proofreading.

Adweek: Women on Facebook click more while youth “like” more.
This doesn’t surprise me but remains a critical point for advertisers. I do wonder how much brand credibility is garned by a “like.”