National Park Fees Waived This Weekend, Hike In To Get Your Own Griswold Xmas Tree

Free fees at national parks for Veterans Day weekend: Mother Nature
We’re heading to Zion to take in the colors. Where’re you headed?

A dog left to die on the mountain: Outside
This story is kind of old by now, and I even made that known to Outside via Facebook. But, I read it anyway. Dogs aren’t cut out every outside adventure, as much as we want them to be.

Christmas Tree Tags soon available for Tusayan and Williams districts: Grand Canyon
Hey, it’s the holidays, go get a tree from the national forests. Better than that Charlie Browner you’re going to buy for a $100.00

America’s Ten Best Adventure Cities: Adventure
Liking Las Vegas’s inclusion here; probably a few other surprises as well.

9/30/11: What I Read About Copy & Content on the Web Today

Seth Godin: Welcome to Infinity
I think there is a limit. Large audience numbers don’t always equate to a good audience.

Saatchi & Saatchi: The Idea Gallery
Just cool stuff here to inspire ideas. (I like the Volunteer Wildfire Services ads.) Fall Peaks: Best Autumn Escapes: Yosemite National Park
A fantastic web publication format and presentation. Check it out.



9/16/11: What I read about Copy & Content on the Web today. Does your blog have guests with benefits?
Good arguments for hiring blog writers. Worst Ad Campaign of the Year.
I shouldn’t have to explain much here.

Adventure Biggest Dam Removal in History starts this weekend.
You may not know our country’s history with dams and water control. It’s not pretty. Start here.