The Stuff Sack: 11/30/12

The Stuff Sack is a week’s worth of Internet cool about gear, adventure travel and outdoor pursuits.

A Restless Transplant: Found this on Adventure Journal. It’s the story of a guy who’s doing what most of us want to do but can’t. Or have convinced ourselves we can’t. It’s the ongoing ramblings of Foster Huntington, a guy from NY who said “I’m done here.” and took off in a VW to see what the country had to offer instead. Turns out, quite a bit. Give it a bookmark.

Topo Designs. I’m a bag man. (Sounds cool, right?) No, not that guy, just someone who likes duffels, packs and sacks. (Don’t do it.) These guys in Colorado are making some practical and creative places to put things and I’m down for one for one those Klettersacks.

Waiting for Lightening is the movie about the guy who jumped the Great Wall of China on a skateboard. Not Fonzi; Danny Way. I read about it when it happened, somewhere on the fringes of the news. I’m not sure why I passed by it at the time. But a good documentary should give you reason to pause, something to consider. Judging by the trailer, there’s more to this guy than I care to concern myself with the first time around. I’m in.

The State I Hate is an enjoyable tirade of admitted prejudice and then self-actualization confessed by a West Coast surfing snob who learned to love — well, tolerate — Florida’s surf culture, the very culture where I learned to surf. It’s a solid essay from the January, 2013 issue of Surfer.

The Stuff Sack: News from the wilds of the Internet

Coast Guard surfer rescue
Surfing Alaska’s Kodiak Islands has its risks, and cold water isn’t really their most dangerous. In the case of Eagle River resident Scott Jones, it was Old Man Wind and his pesky sidekick, Riptide. Jones was surfing with some buddies (a pretty select group when you consider the winter conditions of their home break), when a rip, described as a “raging river,” pulled him from the lineup, around a point and deposited him on a rocky shore hemmed in by the full-moon fueled high tide. He found himself some shelter in a seawall cave and waited for the orange & white calvary, which was alerted to his frothy predicament by his friends.
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Climbers for a cause
Two rock climbers from Michigan are raising money for research into Post Traumatic Stress Disorder through their website, Their first effort under the mission is Mexico’s Time Wave Zero, a 23-pitch sport route in the Sierra Madre.
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Forbes does … gear reviews?
Look, I suppose it’s cool that outdoor gear has made it to the pages of Forbes and their New York City rooftop campout to test a lot of the promo gear they received is pretty innovative, but I couldn’t help but chuckle at what author Jon Burner considers “essential gear.” He does know his audience, however, given what he chose to review at length: GPS devices and solar smartphone chargers.
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The Stuff Sack: News from the wilds of the Internet

Start biking, fatty
In case you’re not aware, riding bikes is good for us. But here are some numbers and a super sweet info-graphic for you anyway, doubter.

Wakana Ueda, an eleven-year-old girl from Japan, finished the Honolulu Marathon. Oh, and she’s blind. Last or not, she wins.

Talks are continuing about the possibility of turning Mount St. Helens into a National Park to stimulate visitation to the legendary volcano. Tourists arrived in droves in the years after she blew her top but today, the numbers are down to around 250,000 per year and facilities are in decline. So what does this say about what interests us Americans?