Views from a tent

The front page of the Internet, as it were, is a great source for everything from finding out what’s inside a safe found under the floor of an old barn in some creepy forest to, well, awesome backpacking pictures.

In this case, Reddit has shared a very cool album of “morning views from a tent,” by Russian photographer¬†Oleg Grigoryev.

Enjoy them from your cubicle.

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Get outdoors. Seriously.

by Craig Rowe

I’m plenty guilty of spending too much time indoors.

But, it’s all relative, I guess. Too much time for me is the length of a football game. Or two.

Okay I admit it. I can sit inside from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. watching football. I’ve done it plenty of times. This season, I’m hopeful my renewed climbing habit and inevitable sucking of the Chargers will remedy the problems caused by those long days spent prone on the couch.

I am worried about our youth, though. Argue all you want about the increased decision making and improved hand-eye coordination that results from marathon sessions connected to the XBox, but rest assured, I won’t listen.

Between the Internet and every other form of media delivery device we have today, there is simply no denying that we spend way too much time humped over a screen of some sort liking, swiping and sharing our way to advanced stages of lethargy.

As this video points out, we actually need the outdoors. Like, literally need it to survive. So, instead of plopping down to absorb every season of something on Netflix in one sitting or clicking on over to “user submitted” on Imgur for what will surely take four or five hours, go outside for a little while. Walk the dog. Ride a skateboard. Go surfing.

Just don’t share it. We’ve got enough of that already.

The Stuff Sack: Week of 12/7/12

Scott Secco – 2012 Demo Reel from Scott Secco on Vimeo.

The Stuff Sack is a week’s worth of Internet cool about gear, adventure travel and outdoor pursuits.

Adventure filmmaker Scott Secco made a mountain bike demo reel. And we should be glad he did. I love to ride dirt. Like most who do and also work nine-to-five, I don’t get enough time to do it. Then, I see films like the one above, films with hours of stoke packed into a few minutes. This is well beyond capturing stuff to share with buddies on the local bike group message boards. No, this is a filmmaker in love with his subject, telling us all about it, like a kid who just got home from school with his first A.

Highest resolution shot to date of Machu Picchu. Go ahead, zoom in on all 16 gigapixels of one of the most hiked-to destinations on the planet. Once you think you can’t peer in any closer, your screen resolution defrosts and you realize the guy in the stripped shirt has kind of a belly, is wearing Nikes and his shoelaces are black. Oh, and his buddy in the red bucket lid is taking pictures of pink flowers. Incredible. Try not to waste five minutes.

Desert Air: Earth Captured from a Paraglider. In contrast to the bugeye level view of the Machu Picchu supershot, this aerial portfolio of rare locations was captured from a paraglider to show us the beauty found in vast, exotic landscapes. Sure, it’s a “forest through the trees” message; but who cares? It works beautifully.

Boston Harbor is home to a man in a canoe.¬†Michael Richard Smith has spent the last several weeks paddling around Boston Harbor in a 14-foot canoe, sleeping on docks and tethered next to multi-million dollar yachts. He insists he isn’t homeless and appears quite lucid about his living arrangements. The cool thing is that despite people calling the authorities about him, he’s perfectly within his rights and the Coast Gaurd is letting him be. Float on.