Get outdoors. Seriously.

by Craig Rowe

I’m plenty guilty of spending too much time indoors.

But, it’s all relative, I guess. Too much time for me is the length of a football game. Or two.

Okay I admit it. I can sit inside from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. watching football. I’ve done it plenty of times. This season, I’m hopeful my renewed climbing habit and inevitable sucking of the Chargers will remedy the problems caused by those long days spent prone on the couch.

I am worried about our youth, though. Argue all you want about the increased decision making and improved hand-eye coordination that results from marathon sessions connected to the XBox, but rest assured, I won’t listen.

Between the Internet and every other form of media delivery device we have today, there is simply no denying that we spend way too much time humped over a screen of some sort liking, swiping and sharing our way to advanced stages of lethargy.

As this video points out, we actually need the outdoors. Like, literally need it to survive. So, instead of plopping down to absorb every season of something on Netflix in one sitting or clicking on over to “user submitted” on Imgur for what will surely take four or five hours, go outside for a little while. Walk the dog. Ride a skateboard. Go surfing.

Just don’t share it. We’ve got enough of that already.