This is a blog for those who believe comfort zones are for couches. I want to create a site where surfers, kayakers, runners, mountain bikers, rock climbers, backpackers, snowboarders and all of you out there stereotyped as adrenaline junkies and who enjoy sports with condescending mainstream modifiers like “extreme” can come together to find well-written insight on industry topics, trends, people, products and anything else that impacts your enjoyment of the outdoors.

The blog is written and managed by me, Craig C. Rowe. I consider myself a person who simply loves all things outdoors and loathes being sedentary. I want to write about and experience as much of the outdoors as I can.

I function professionally as a freelance copywriter and marketing consultant, working in my home office when the weather doesn’t dictate otherwise.

I hope I can inspire you to participate and make this site as wide a two-way street as possible. So let me know what you want to read, see and learn. Thanks for spending what little time you have indoors with HikeClimbSurfRun.com.