VIDEO: “Local” by Sean Slobodan is three minutes of smooth, old-school street

LOCAL from Sean Slobodan on Vimeo.

If you like skateboarding—pure street skating—no three minutes of your day will be better invested than by watching “Local” by Sean Slobodan. I like how the piece focuses on what’s awesome about street skating, like making wide open concrete a canvas for the creativity of the subjects. These guys aren’t yanking 720s in front of Red Bull banners or filming “fails,” they’re just skating, and it’s old-school and kick-ass all at the same time. It’s also very laid back, which is an aspect of skateboarding so often neglected for adrenaline-driven stunt riding.


VIDEO: Close up and personal with an avalanche

Well, if you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to have some avalanche-assistance getting down your line, here’s some beta.

While short-lived and presumably minor, this footage is nonetheless fascinating. Watch how the snow breaks and seems to bubble and wave before Sorin Radu, the rider, turns to work his way out of it. At the 15 second mark he adjusts a bit, just enough to break it loose. According to the YouTube comments, this happened in the Retezat Mountains of the Southern Carpathians.

Damn. Scary stuff.