Kindred keeps snowboard building local

Kindred Snowboards

Thankfully, the outdoor sports industry is taking domestic manufacturing seriously. While it’s not an easy slope to skin, the numbers of companies sourcing supplies and talent locally is growing. Kindred, a Canadian custom snowboard (and ski) builder, is making what I think are easily the best looking snowboards on the market this year. (And I ride a Jones Flagship, which I’m confident is a close second.)

Not only are Kindred boards absolute art on snow, the company is not shy about sharing how they’re made. It’s not easy or cheap, but this video shows every step in almost enough detail to be considered a how-to.


Views from a tent

The front page of the Internet, as it were, is a great source for everything from finding out what’s inside a safe found under the floor of an old barn in some creepy forest to, well, awesome backpacking pictures.

In this case, Reddit has shared a very cool album of “morning views from a tent,” by Russian photographer Oleg Grigoryev.

Enjoy them from your cubicle.

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Zion Half Marathon reminds us why we run

Crowds. Colored powder. Zombies. Gimmicks, all.

Sometimes you just want to run.

You have to hand it to the folks pushing the Zion Half Marathon, held each year in March. This brief promotion for the 2015 run appeals to those who wish an organized road race, at least every once in a while, would just be about the road and the race. There are few better places for that to be the case than Zion.

Register here.