Will “Night Moves” ignite aggressive environmentalism?


Big names Jesse Eisenberg and Dakota Fanning have attached themselves to what appears to be a very bleak look inside the plans and actions of environmental “terrorists” who look to violently take down an Oregon dam.

Now, that’s not a term I prefer to use, but it will be lobbed about plentifully by “Night Move’s” detractors, which will no doubt surface in hoards once this movie makes its wake.

The similarities to Abbey’s “Monkeywrench Gang” are clear. And if you watched director Kelly Reichardt’s previous films, you know just how harsh a truth can be put on film, regardless of audience sensibilities. “Wendy & Lucy” didn’t just tug at the heart strings of any dog lover out there, it violently yanked them from your chest and severed them with something dull. And, Reichardt seems to be very in touch with the dirtbag mentality of seeking ways to carve out an untraditional lifestyle. “Meeks Cutoff,” a western she directed, was widely praised by critics.

The movie is in limited release this weekend.

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