FiveFinger devotees have some explaining to do


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The above ad has an entirely different meaning now, doesn’t it? I’ll spare you the pun.

Not for a single moment did I buy into this trend.

I wasn’t against the shoe or the idea of lightweight running gear. And I fully recognize the value of Vibram to the shoe industry and the company’s heritage within the hiking world.

What I was against were those people who suddenly became champions of barefoot running, who were able to so quickly and confidently tell me that today’s running shoes were leading to the de-evolution of man, and that if we didn’t alter our evil habits of heel-striking the universe would soon cave in on itself and along with roaches and Richard Simmons, only those who donned these goofy rubber foot gloves would be left thriving.

All people had to say when they were asked about wearing a set of Vibram FiveFingers was something like, “They’re comfortable.” or “I just like them.” Fine. I can’t argue with that. I sometimes wear my visor backwards. Does that make sense?

However, don’t follow up with a tirade on your orthopedic expertise pedantically gleaned straight from the marketing collateral of the manufacturer or the article in Runner’s World which just happened to be placed in between two full page ads for the product its text was spewing on about.

Today, I’m happy to be reminded of just how many suckers there really are out there when it comes to fitness trends. And in a few years, when Yoga is revealed to be responsible for more injuries than Al-Quada, I’ll go through this little exercise all over again.

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