Angel’s Landing


So there’s this 1,200 foot sandstone fin erupting from the floor of the Virgin River and we can climb on it. Yes, it’s a highly-trafficked, half-paved tourist draw. It’s also a symbol of what makes everything about our national park system so great. It’s the spine of an epic rock beast hibernating face down that has had chains punched into its narrow, sloping icy steps so people can climb on it to gaze down a narrow, snaking valley. It’s just awesome, no matter how many times you’ve been up there.



An early morning hike up to Angel’s Landing in Zion found us face to feather with three California Condors. We heard the wind streaming through their feathers before we saw them. From just below the rim they floated up and past us, each making about two runs around before, with only a single pump of their massive wings, drifting back to the shaded cold of Refrigerator Canyon.

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