Running around the Internet

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NYC Marathon will go on, despite storm issues:
Inspiring emotional rebound or just too damn soon?

Where everything bites, stings and scratches: Cactus Rose Ultra-Marathon: Dallas News Running Blog
Are un-aided ultra-runs safe?

Marathon Runners Stop Aging Out of the Race: Wall Street Journal
More older folks are doing ultras as well.

Running a scam: New York Post
Cheaters, liars and identity thieves will make their way to the NYC Marathon finish line.

Surfing the Internet

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Surfer bitten by shark in latest attack off California: Mercury
Ugh. Really not much to say; just glad he’s okay for now. The bite had a radius of 14 inches.

Kelly Slater Tows-In Sandy; Surfers Go Nuts In Huge Surf: Adventure
Damn. Just damn.

Winds From Sandy Make For Good Chicago Surfing: Associated Press
I’d like to surf all of the Great Lakes.

Chasing Mavericks Tells The True Story of a Surfing Legend: Huffington Post
Haven’t seen it yet. Reviews aren’t overly effusive.

Climbing on the Web

Paper Climb for iPad: Fun wall-climber with great style:
Huh. I suppose.

Reel Rock films free at Mountain Gear: The Spokesman-Review
November 1 @ 7:00 p.m., 2002 N. Division St. in Spokane. A haul bag of climbing movies for no charge.

Egregious Wilderness Climbing Violations at Joshua Tree:
Good work, heathens. This is exactly what enhances the reputation of climbers.

Bee-stung climber who fell identified:
Joshua Ruzsa, 19, died while climbing Camelback Mountain in Phoenix.