Very Little Stars time lapse takes a shot at time lapses. The video is cool, too.

I’m not sure why I’m not getting sick of time lapse videos. They just keep pulling me in. This one takes a shot across the bow at its own genre with its self-aware title, “Very Little Stars,” which is clearly a swipe at the overwhelming presence of time lapse videos that feature night skies and cool moon rises. It was made by Ben Wiggins of Time Lapse, Inc., a producer of … take a guess.

“Very Little Stars” doesn’t necessarily have a ton of coherence to it, other than most of the scenes being connected by the presence of nature. There are some cool captures of urban sunsets, tilt-shift traffic flows, water falls, a kick-ass train shot and yes, as the title states, even a few stars. The variety of scenes makes sense though, given that it’s a sizzle reel. And, watching it is way better than checking your e-mail again.

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