Promoting Adventure Travel in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Beggars Canyon - Star Wars Adventure Travel Posters

I have a number of those retro National Park posters framed on the walls of my living room. They’re super cool and reflect an era when adventure travel was in itself, an adventuresome concept. Sleek, well-designed and poingnant in their simplicity. “Visit A Natural Wonder.” Well of course.

Now, someone I assume is named Afronator on Imgur has published a series of adventure travel promoting the destinations, events and geographic highlights of the Star Wars universe. Yes, they’re awesome.

Shooting the Tube video captures what summer is all about

The 140,000 views certainly proves I’m not new to this video. Well that, and the advertising, coupon codes and fact I found it on’s Hot Clicks blog. Nevertheless, you can’t help but get caught up in the skinned-knee, trucker-hat kind of fun that’s going on here. Sure, they might be worried a bit about giardia and other unseen infections that thrive in the corridors of urban run-off, but that never stopped me from jumping in mud puddles or ramping my Team Murray into sewer back-ups.