Yet another custom VW camper van: The slide-out Doubleback

Custom VW van with optional slide out called the Doubleback

Most adventure types long for a trusty mobile living space. Unfortunately, the cost of such motorized luxuries tends to put most dirtbags out of the running for rides like Sportmobiles and Earthroamer packages. You can now add the VW-customized Doubleback to the list of super-cool but highly impractical backcountry adventure rigs.

So sure, it’s expensive as hell at almost $90k but you must admit, you’d love to spend a week in one. The designers of the Doubleback took the common slide-out room feature found on motorhomes and campers and applied it to the rear end of a VW camper van.

When you go to the Doubleback website, don’t bother watching the video, all it does is show you that it’s a van (even using the now annoying tilt-shift effect) and that it can drive down an empty road. And it doesn’t even do that well.

But like I said, it is cool as hell.


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