Dharma Nature Gatha. I guess.

The Patriarch Ui-Sang's Dharma Nature Gatha

You can find a lot of weird things in the woods. Like laminated Buddhist messages.

I pulled this from a not-so-indiscriminate locale back in Red Rock. Given its message, I’m sure the individual who placed it there did so with nothing but good intentions—but it still has no business being in the wilderness. Now it’s in my office.

Cool I guess.

2 thoughts on “Dharma Nature Gatha. I guess.

  1. People have been finding these out at Red Rock a lot. If anyone knows who is leaving them there you should call Red Rocks & let them know. These people, while their message is nice, are littering.

  2. Will do. Interesting. I tried researching the saying and could find no real way in which it relates to nature, conservation, etc.

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