Ten common S/S of a Wilderness First Responder course

Me getting a traction splint

1. Automobile manufacturers are represented accordingly: Toyota, Subaru, Nissan and Volkswagen. You may come across the occasional government-issue Ford.
(Most vehicles will also boast some destination’s adhesive iteration of the really-not-all-that-clever “Everyone in this town is high” promotion. Wink wink. Nudge.)
2. Every person is wearing at least one article of clothing that has been patched.
3. No one complains about the price of an Arc’teryx shell.
4. No less than 75 percent of the men wear thick, unkempt facial hair. The remaining 25 percent, can’t.
5. Desk job?
6. There’s enough down insulation in the room to migrate from Canada.
7. One vegan for every three vegetarians.
8. Everyone knows the layman’s term for “avulsion.”
9. At least one person will always be adorned with fake blood; and it’s not always evident.
10. Discourse is most often initiated with, “I had a client who …”

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