Sometimes you’re the chum, and sometimes you’re a badass who fights off sharks with a knife

What? Yeah, I’m not kidding around about that title. This guy, just wins.

Jan Lisewski was kite surfing in the Red Sea (almost literally), trying to sail from Egypt to Saudi Arabia when the wind subsided and left him powerless. So he hunkered down and turned on his emergency beacon, worried a bit, but relatively safe. He drifted toward a reef, which is when he began seeing fins slice through the surface in haphazard routes that made their way ever closer.

So, he did what any of us would have done when a large, toothy fish takes interest in us as a meal. He pulled out his knife and started slashing.

“I was stabbing them in the eyes, the nose and gills,” he later told the Polish state news agency PAP. “This battle, which by some miracle I managed the emerge from victorious, lasted all night long.”

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