Live wind map tracks data across the country

Live nationwide Wind Map

This is just way effing cool. The capture above is a still from an animated map of live wind data being tracked across the entire country. Presented in a such a simple way, it will surely have small market meteorologists every where scrambling for a purpose to use it.

Click the picture to see how it’s blowing in your neck of the woods.


Dharma Nature Gatha. I guess.

The Patriarch Ui-Sang's Dharma Nature Gatha

You can find a lot of weird things in the woods. Like laminated Buddhist messages.

I pulled this from a not-so-indiscriminate locale back in Red Rock. Given its message, I’m sure the individual who placed it there did so with nothing but good intentions—but it still has no business being in the wilderness. Now it’s in my office.

Cool I guess.

Jeep’s Mighty FC Concept thinks your Tacoma is a pansy

Get out of the way

So they might make this thing.

Well, probably not. But it’s rad as hell, right?

It looks like the result of a Chevy Corvair Rampside being exposed to gamma rays. You wouldn’t like it when’s it angry. I could see a ton of nights spent in the bed of this rig, which is the “re-imagining” of Jeep’s early Forward Control truck. Plus you could park it anywhere along the beach. What’re they going to do, tow you?