GoPro? Justin Olsen uses chest-mounted DSLR to capture sick fat tire action

Just as the proliferation of social media suggests, we love to document our lives. It’s only natural that the passion of outdoor enthusiasts would overlap well with this new, augmented reality in which we now thrive. Photographer Justin Olsen is a great example of this, having created his own chest mount for a DSLR camera.

Then, he strapped it on and went mountain biking with his friends. And did some stuff for a client. Here are the results. And the interview. 

Remote-controlled traffic voyeur could be used in backcountry search & rescues

Vangaurd's Shadowhawk could be used in backcountry search and rescue ops

Montgomery County, TX has a new weapon on the force: a 50 pound, $300,000 remote control traffic-monitoring helicopter. It’s run from a laptop computer, managed via joystick and has an infrared camera for identifying license plates or commuter lane violations.

I wonder: could it be used in backcountry wilderness rescue efforts? One would think that a few sweeps over the initial, most probable search grid for a lost or broken hiker with one of these things would be substantially less expensive and much safer than a manned chopper. It would also be much more expedient. Since it fits in the back of an SUV, it could be trucked down fire and logging roads to access more remote regions.

Maybe backcountry rangers in areas identified as higher risk could have one of these babies on hand for just such an occasion. That would be cool. Well, not for the hiker. You know what I mean. There’s even an electric version to prevent surplus fossils from being spewed into the atmosphere above wilderness areas.

The Shadowhawk chopper is built by Vanguard Defense Industries.

Above the clouds on Mt. Hood: Photographer Tyler Roemer captures airborne skiers

Photo by Tyler Roemer via Daily Mail

I continue to be amazed at the lines being run by today’s hard core skiers and snowboarders. I was out of snow sports for a very long time and when I finally re-entered a few years ago, strapped to a snowboard, I discovered that this outdoor adventure milieu had catapulted into extreme maturity while I was away.

Check out more very cool photos like the one above, via the Daily Mail Online.

Tyler Roemer’s website.