Steve’s Original Paleo Kit offers backpackers light, hearty trail nutrition. And helps kids.

Steve's Original Paleo Kit

I was told about Steve’s Original from a buddy who’s heavily into crossfit.

If you don’t know anything about crossfit and don’t feel like typing eight letters into Google, then just know that most workouts in the crossfit glossary are tantamount to being spun in a cement mixer with a pallet of flagstone and a plastic bag over your head. At 5:00 in the morning.

Anyway, Steve’s Original Paleo Kit is a vacuum sealed meal of beef jerky, nuts and berries (among other combinations) that sticks to the growing paleo, or “caveman,” diet. Again, for the Google impaired, the caveman diet is an eating practice that suggests its participants only consume what our bipedal, slope-browed ancestors did. Basically, anything that at one point had a parent. With a few, very minor exceptions.

I bought a box of 25 meal replacement kits as a way to take in a good amount of protein while rehabbing. The kit I bought has 360 calories, 28 grams of protein, 36 grams of carbs and 12 of fat. So it’s very well-balanced, pre-prepared nutrition.

And yes, they’re tasty.

Backpackers focused on weight shaving should give Steve’s Original a try. I’m certain they’re better than most freeze dried, pouch-water meals and only weigh 4.3 ounces. They pack flat but could be jammed into any corner of your pack. I guess you could consider the packaging an extra hassle to pack out, but there are very few backcountry meal options that don’t require you to pack out some form of waste.

Here’s the best part: the company donates profits directly to Steve’s Club, a non-profit centered on helping disadvantaged kids improve themselves through physical fitness and wellness coaching.

So there you go, backcountry nutrition with a cause more honorable than trying to gas your tentmate. (Not that there isn’t “some” honor in that.)

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