Into Thin Air by John Krakauer


“So I’m trying to shove her hands back into her mittens when all of sudden Beck mumbles, ‘Hey, I’ve got this all figured out.’ Then he kind of rolls a little distance away, crouches on a big rock, and stands up facing the wind with his arms stretched out to either side. A second later a gust comes up and just blows him over backward into the night, beyond the beam of my headlamp. And that was the last I saw of him … “

Wavejet is looking to empower surfers

Sure, it looks fun. But is it really surfing?

I’ll give Wavejet some serious credit, for whatever my credit is worth, for their design and integration of the power pack into such a compact, true board form factor. And actually, they don’t make the board, they only make the jet, which means a shaper can embed the mounting ring into a board and craft their own custom “jet” board. I guess.

I suppose there are some advantages to not having to paddle out. I’m sure someone using one would be seriously tempted to beat everybody else in the lineup to the best waves. But how long would that last?

Give it time. It will show up on some reality show as a date activity or at a cruise port as an add-on excursion. Sure, people will have a great time. They just won’t be surfing.