Complaint letters are fun.

Ms. Stanwyck, I was specifically told by Fat Sam and Gummy that express loading was not needed. Twice. When I asked them, Fat Sam said to me in response: “Did the moving truck come right to your house?”

Yes it did. “Then no, you didn’t need express loading.”

The moving truck, an enormous 18-wheeler driven by a man named Gordo with Boyd’s Moving, parked in front of my house for several hours on move day, loaded our belongings and drove them to our house in Las Vegas, where they were still packed in the exact same space in the same exact giant truck driven by Gordo of Boyd’s Moving on which they were loaded in Raleigh.

I am fully aware of what I signed and when and have copies of all paperwork as well.

Moreover, in the lengthy discussions I had with Fat Sam, the topic of the added cost revolved solely around the weight. It sparked several phone calls and discussions and even me requesting a re-weigh at Fat Sam’s urging. Not once did Fat Sam say to me that the difference in cost was related to express loading. If it was, I would have no complaint. It is legitimate, however, to question an estimate so disparate from the actual cost. The difference was so evident that Fat Sam pondered whether or not the driver ” … had his foot on the scale.” (His words.)

Please pardon my curtness here, but the contrast between my conversations with Fat Sam and Gummy and these recent e-mail exchanges are so stark that I have little choice but to assume that this is a deliberate money grab.

I hope that I am wrong, but at this point, it needs to be proven.

One more time, I was told directly, over the phone by Fat Sam and Gummy, that express loading was not needed because there was no loading into one van and reloading into another. In fact, I remember specifically the driver, Gordo, telling me he was off to Virginia directly after loading our house, not to your facility, which is where I understand express loading shipments end up.

My next communication on this topic will be directly with Fat Sam. If he doesn’t call or e-mail, I will consider this matter settled. If I see any notice on a credit report or anything of legal nature related to this, I will have no choice but to respond in kind, and with aggression. I may not win, given what I now assume is a process with which your company is acutely familiar, but I will prove a point.

I am in utter disbelief that this is happening, especially after the hours spent on the phone with Fat Sam discussing the many pitfalls of the moving industry. Maybe I’ll regret the assertions made here, as I firmly believe this is a simple misunderstanding, but I think it’s important for you to understand my level of frustration. You are not giving me any other way to react; however, I hope you can.



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