Dry content is a click-killer. Fresh stuff is all around you.

It’s tough to keep finding new topics to cover on your company blog or to pump through your social media outlets. The last thing you want to do is publish dry, click-killing content. It’s fine to be conversational and put out there the occasional “Man I need ProBar” tweet, but if you ignore what matters, your audience will soon find what does.

Many marketers don’t realize that great content is lurking all around them. From your sales team’s phone pitch to the pissed-off ex-customer rant your product generated in a previous blog response, opportunities to glean content reveal themselves in the darndest places. Go poke around storage for boxes of old brochures and failed product literature. What’s there that helps tell the company story? Probably plenty. After all, even marketing mistakes lead to brand success. Just ask New Coke. (Well, sort of …)

Hell, how about your co-workers, any interesting back-stories? Maybe that lady in HR once worked for the secret service. Or maybe she’s her neighborhood’s crazy cat lady. Rest assured, there’s a blog post there.

So the next time you’re having issues generating content, open an old file cabinet or gaze around the break room, something will come up. And while you’re at it, clean the microwave. Man, the stories that could tell.


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