Grand Canyon West Skywalk needs some new glass

Hualapai Nation's Grand Canyon West Skywalk

Controversial. But pretty cool.

The Haulapai tribe occupy and market Grand Canyon West, a significant portion of the park under their governance. A few years ago they opened the controversial Grand Canyon Skywalk, a looped walkway of steel and glass embedded in the cliffside. Many feared it would open to the region to more “Disney-esque” attractions and events, like last week’s flight by Rocket Man Yves Rossy.

There remains a delicate balance between tribal livelihood and the integrity of the spirit of a place like the Grand Canyon. And who am I to question how they make their way?

The Las Vegas Sun ran a cool slideshow of some recent repairs to the Skywalk. Regardless of where you stand on the topic, it’s worth scanning through them.



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