Last year’s Soda Butte grizzly mauling bears positive news

Grizzly Bear

Image from Yellowstone Insider

It’s hard to associate a happy ending with anything related to last year’s tragic grizzly mauling outside Yellowstone, when a Michigan man was killed while camping at Soda Butte, yanked from his tent.

It’s burly country up there, beautiful in its wildness. And most campers are fully aware of the risks involved with settling down in a tent in bear country, as were the folks in this incident. No violation of any bear camping principle occurred. Sometimes, wild animals do unexplained things.

Naturally, the offending bruin, a mother, was captured and put down. Unfortunate, but necessary. Her cubs were ill and most likely would not have survived much longer under her care.

Today, however, all three cubs are healthy and safe, and named Lou Lou, Dolly and Koda. They were presented to the public recently at ZooMontana in Billings, MT. The Missoulian has the breakdown on the three little bears.

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